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  • New MND diagnosis



    1 reply

    My sister in law was just diagnosed with MND three days ago. My husband is bereft and I cannot find words of comfort. I feel like we're grieving already because all we've read indicates more and more pain and sadness to come. How have other families coped?

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  • Angharad

    Hello Scotconfused, we’re sorry to read about your sister-in-law’s recent diagnosis and how you’re both feeling following this.


    Being told a loved one has a terminal illness can evoke a range of emotions. This can often lead to beginning the process of anticipatory grief, which can involve experiencing the same emotions as grieving.


    You mention that you are finding it difficult to share words of comfort with your husband at this early stage. People often tell us that there aren’t always the perfect words to say, but having someone there for them, when they feel they need it, can be invaluable and such a support. Please be kind to yourself as you try to process all that is happening for your family.


    Our Support Line is here for you and your husband if either of you would ever like to talk with us about how you’re feeling. You can reach us on Freephone 0800 090 2309 or by replying to this message.


    While every family can react and cope with this news differently, sharing experiences with others that may be going through a similar situation can be helpful. We hope that other members of the community will respond with ways that they have coped after receiving news of a loved one’s diagnosis.


    Take care,


    Angharad – Support Line Team.

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