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    26/04/2015  18:30

    Hi, my names Nicky and my mum has brain and lung cancer. I lived in Cyprus and 3 weeks ago my Dad rang to say my mum was in hospital having suffered a suspected stroke. I flew home with my 2 children (1 & 2 years old) and whilst with mum at the hospital she was told she had cancer. It's all a massive shock as I am sure it is to everyone. I have decided not to return to Cyprus as I want to be with my parents (my husband is in the military which is why we were there). My mum is due to start radiotherapy next week then chemo on her lungs if the radiotherapy goes well. We know the cancer is here to stay but hope she responds well to treatment and can be with us pain free for as long as possible. Lots of emotions at the minute, scared, angry, helplessness, the list goes on!

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    27/04/2015  13:10

    Hi Nicky,

    I think you are probably making the right decision (although everyone has got 'their own right').

    I think your decision to stay with your parents, will probably be a good one - nobody gets the chance 'to go back for another go', and I think 'regret that I wasn't there' would probably play on the minds of most people very heavily.

    Whatever you do, you will probably think 'I could have done such-and-such better' in the years to come, but in reality we can only all do our best, at the time.