My sisters cancer

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    Hello I'm Karen and iv found out my sister has cancer that's started in her breast and spread to her pelvis, bones, liver I am finding it so hard to deal with and Co Stanley burst into tears tho not in front of her, I need help to try and accept it for her sake and be there for her, I am 50 and youngest of 6 she is only 64 can anyone advise me please

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    Hello Karen,


    I am sorry to read about your sister’s diagnosis. Tears are a perfectly normal response to such news about a loved one, there is no right or wrong way for us to feel or respond as we all deal with acceptance differently.


    Talking to others about how you are feeling can help – a friend or another family member, the Marie Curie Support line, your GP or a counsellor - may help you deal with your emotions and to know how to be there for your sister.  We have lots of information that may be a good starting point for you here, as well as some publications that may be of use too


    If you would like to talk to us on the Support Line we are here Monday-Friday from 8-6pm and 11am-5pm on a Saturday 0800 090 2309. 

    Best wishes 


    Marie Curie Support Line

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    Hi Karen, I'm dealing with my mums terminal cancer at the moment and completely understand about the crying. It has to come out at some point and like you said you don't cry in front of her. It's like one big rollercoaster of emotions and can't I find I can't even talk about it because I cry and find I can write it down better and it empties my head. I may be wrong but I think crying is a natural consequence of what you are going through and don't ever stop being human. X

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    16/05/2017  17:58

    Hi Karen my sister has had her third diagnosis of cancer this past yr. She is 35. It's heart breaking..I find myself being strong in her company and crying the bit out when alone or with my husband and parents. It's so tough and I don't think it's bad you can both have a good cry together.. you will find the strength in time I believe. But don't bottle up your feelings turn to your other siblings for support also.