My Husband of 42years has Asbestos Lung cancer.

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    19/04/2017  12:09

    Hi My name is Linda  and my husband has terminal cancer,  I am still working as he has been signed of as disabled

    although at the moment he is quite breathless but he keeps posative and tries to do as much as he can but gets

    very tired easily poor thing,  is there any one else that has the same cancer that i can talk to please ??

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    24/04/2017  19:51

    Sorry hear about your husband my granda was given 6-9 months the other day he's so weak and going downhill quickly feel so helpless

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    25/04/2017  07:41

    Hi Carrie,  Its just so sad isnt it ??,  my poor husband is only 61 and we have 5 grandchildren and 3 children, so it affects every one in the family too,  I try to be the strong one but when it is your own partner who will be leaving you far to early in your life time, there will be no one to tell all your worries and problems to when they are not there

    any more !!!,  I feel so anctiouse at times for the future,  but i was recomended to read Echart Tolley "Living in the Now" books,  so do look him up and try them,  they have helped a bit with what lies ahead  !!!

    Take care and keep strong for you Grandad and enjoy him while you can....XX