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  • My friend has cervical cancer



    1 reply

    My friend has gone for chemotherapy in treating cervical cancer, now is discharged from hospital. She is so weak, she cannot walk! How can we help her? She looks depressed and hopeless.

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  • Samantha

    Hello Maab,


    We’re sorry to read about your friend’s illness and all that she’s going through.


    Receiving treatment for an illness, whether it’s aim is to try and treat or cure the illness, or for palliative reasons to ease symptoms for example, can be a lot for a person to experience.


    You mention that you feel your friend may be depressed, have you tried to talk with her about how she’s feeling? It can be normal for people to cope with an illness in different ways but often talking openly and honestly if they feel comfortable to do so, can help someone to begin to understand their emotions and reach out for support if they feel they would like to.


    Some people prefer to talk to a friend or family member, others may prefer it to be a professional and there are those that would prefer to talk to someone they are not familiar with such as a Support Line like ourselves. Here at Marie Curie, we support anyone affected by a terminal illness and if you or your friend would like to talk about anything we’re here to listen on Freephone 0800 090 2309.


    We’re also aware of specialist charities that offer direct support to those living with cervical cancer. In case they are of interest to you or your friend, I have listed them below:


    ·        - Jo’s cervical cancer trust

    ·       - Eve appeal


    If you’re concerned at all about your friend’s physical needs, you may wish to suggest for her to speak to the team who are providing her treatment, or a healthcare professional involved in her care to discuss this. They would be able to suggest suitable support services and provide information that may be able to help with her needs.  


    Take care,


    Sam – Support Line Team

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