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  • My Dad is End of Life as of a few days ago



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    New members here. Here what going on

    My Mum died at the begin of Jan 2023, she was 75 years old and we had the funeral at the begin of Feb 2023.

    Which left me and my dad which at the time he was 75 years old, he now 76 years old.

    On Feb 12th my dad got admitted to hospital, due to breathing, bloated legs and his feet.

    We found out he had Pneumonia in the right lung, infection in his bone in his foot, along with COPD, Emphysema and Diabetes Type 2.

    He been in hospital now a month and his Pneumonia cleared up, but got it back again a lot worse.

    He now been set on end of life care, as there no improvement. Along with him not eating much at all, some days nothing at all. He also drinking a lot less also.

    He is saying, he is hot, but isn't hot to the touch.

    There is also some confusion coming in over the last day or 2.

    There has also been 2 discharge attempts before he went end of life, but each time go down hill.

    I am personally getting stressed out with worry over him and also still grieving over my Mum.

    Thanks for reading this and any feedback


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  • Brigette

    Hi GazCBG

    Welcome to our forum.

    We are sorry to hear that your Mum has died and for everything that you and your Dad are experiencing. It s understandable that you are stressed with worrying about him.

    We someone approaches theend of the life then there are many syptoms they can display and what you have shared is not unusual. You may find this video helpful:

    It is important that you speak to the nurses about any changes you see with your Dad or any concerns that you have, as there may be some options and medications available to help your Dad to feel more comfortable.

    Many people tell us that it can help them to feel less stressed having a safe space to talk about their worries and concerns and you are welcome to continute sharing with us here or via our support line.

    If you would like some ongoing emotional support at this time then you may want to think about our volunteer led service:

    I am also hoping that other forum users will reach out to share their insight and experience with you. 

    Best Wishes 


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