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  • Music in Hospices - WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK



    1 reply

    Hi all! Hope you’re doing well. My name is Joe Cavalli-Price and I’m the Founder of Music in Hospices (, an organisation founded to bring live music into Hospice and Palliative Care settings. 

    A little bit of background: 

    The organisation was set-up in memory of my mother Susan and Godmother Maria who both died within a month of one another in 2019 aged 59 from Cancer. My mother was diagnosed with a terminal Brain Tumour in 2010 and in November 2019 was admitted for end of life care at a local hospice. 

    Mum was non-verbal and I felt increasingly unable to effectively communicate with her. This is where I turned to music - I found a piano in the Hospice and began to play for her. A personal moment had a wider impact: everyone expressed how much they enjoyed hearing live music on the ward, how it gave them special moments with their own families, how it relieved stress and improved the general mood on the ward and how much they would love to hear more music at the Hospice. 

    Why am I posting? 

    Before embarking on a pilot scheme, it’s incredibly important to me that I hear directly from patients, their families and healthcare workers to gain their insight into their needs and what they’d like from a project like this. I’ve therefore compiled a list of questions that it would be so helpful to gain your feedback on: 

    Do you think Music would improve and benefit the patient’s experience of Hospice care?

    Do you think Music would improve the work environment for Hospice staff?

    Do you think Music would improve the family's experience of Hospice care?

    What genre of Music would you particularly like to hear?

    Is it important for you to visually see the performers? 

    Is it important for you to interact with the performers? 

    Any and all feedback you could give me would be hugely beneficial. 

    Thank you so much for your consideration. 

    Best wishes,


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  • sueangel

    Hi Joe I am brand new to the site here; thank you so much; I will answer all your questions in the next few days; I think music is essential and so needed; I will talk to my friend who is almost 100 years old and is a music teacher and we will answer your questions in the next few days

    Congratulations on your work; just awesome


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