Marie Curie’s new website is live

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    Edited by: MarkWilkin - 16/12/2014 15:38

    We're pleased to let you know that Marie Curie's new website is now live.

    Some of the new website's key features include:

    • A wealth of helpful new articles and videos.
    • Responsive website design, which means the website will display better on mobiles and tablets.
    • New and improved website navigation, designed around your needs.
    • And a new look and feel for the site.

    We've also made a whole host of improvements behind the scenes which let us update the site quicker and more efficiently.

    There are still a few areas remaining on the old site at the moment, such as Events and In Your Area but we'll be moving these across in the next few weeks.

    We hope you'll find our new website useful and easy to use.