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  • Lost both parents within 7months



    1 reply

    Hi all,

    Not entirely sure what to write, however here’s my story: in the last 7 months I lost my Dad and now my Mum. I am barely 28 years old with a toddler, working full time and get married in just 3 months time. I feel devastated and alone… I guess I’m wondering if there is anybody else out there in a similar situation that could help me understand/navigate what has happened.

    Both were unexpected yet expected to an extent. I am so numb to what has just happened, I feel all I can do right now is continue for my child.

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  • admin

    Hello Vatb95,

    We’re sorry to read about the recent loss of your parents and all that you’re going through.

    You mentioned that you feel numb and alone which is a completely natural response to losing someone. Everyone experiences grief differently. Whatever you are feeling, it’s important to try to be kind to yourself.

    We hope that others here on our Community will see your post and share ways that helped them cope with their grief. If anyone is reading this and can offer some support to Vatb95, please share your own experience and comment below. 

    In the meantime Vatb95, we have some useful information on our website about grieving in your own way that you may wish to take a look at here: and we’re here for you on our Online Community too. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like with us as often as you need to 💛

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