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  • loss of husband



    5 replies

    my husband passed away 7weeks ago with metastatic melanoma  we were told in the first instance he had only 3 to six weeks to live, but fortunately he was given chemotherapy in tablet form and he survived another 6 month for which I am eternally grateful.We were married for almost 56years so as you can imagine the pain and the lose I feel is devastating I just need someone to tell me the pain and the tears will eventually stop and I will be able to feel happy again.I have a wonderful family who have given me so much love and support but they too are grieving and are trying to pick up their lives.

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  • MarkWilkin

    Hi halfpint, sorry for your loss but I'm glad you got some more time with your husband than expected. I'll let the rest of the community share with you about their own experiences, but I thought I'd just welcome you aboard.  

    You might find some of our advice for people who've lost someone close to them useful and we also ran a Q&A on bereavement here a few months ago that you might find helpful. 

    And if you've got any questions about how things work on the community just ask.

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  • ElizaF

    Hi Halfpint

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know it really doesn't feel like it right now, but I promise it will get easier. My partner lost his mother to cancer when he was only 21 and I remember vividly how he felt like that raw pain couldn't possibly end, but somehow, in a way that is so hard to describe, it did ease. The grief never fully goes, but rather it become a part of you that you almost cherish because it reminds you of the love you shared. I know when the whole family are grieving in their own ways it can be hard to find, or give, emotional support from one another. Please don't shut off from each other though - keep talking and sharing, and understanding.

    I hope it gets easier for you soon. x

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  • halfpint

    Thank you for your supportive input I find the mornings very difficult my husband used to sing albeit badly! and whistle now there's nothing but silence until the TV goes on.I suppose I'm really lucky as he used  to be a joiner and the house is full of units, carvings plus he used to draw so  our house is etched in memories, but it still doesn't take the heart ache away, I really hope it gets easier as time passes. Being able to put down how I feel really helps.

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  • Bluebell

    Hi half pint So Sorry for your loss of your husband. I loss My mum to cancer just 3 year ago and my dad 4 months after , it dose take time. I have my good days and some not to good. When it is so raw you think your pain will never end . I think it never go away you just learn to cope with it , my mum was not just a mum to me she was my best friend too . What I miss most off all it not being able to share things with them . Try to keep busy keep your family close to you . You all need one another. Talking is good to .Don't shut It away he was part of you life alway will be . You have he in you heart forever x

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  • happydancer

    Hi halfpint, it seems to me he is never so far away form you in the beautiful things he has made with his own hands. How lovely, priceless treasures. In time the painful memories will dull and happy ones will be foremost in your mind.

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