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    2 replies

    Hi I'm feeling upset as I read people's heartbreaking stories & I feel I only have one more to add The MC staff replies are very understanding but I can't seem to find many replies from other suffer'ers or carers or discussions that go beyond a post & a reply on this site Am I looking in the right place? My Mum has a brain tumour and now I'm a nursing home I have tried to do as much as possible for her and take the lead in all decisions I'm just exhausted from trying to support her, she lives s distance away while trying to carry on working & being a Mum to my children My Mum was so strong & independent & the one who I would turn to I miss her support so much

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  • Jane

    Hi Sootycat - yes, you are looking in the right place, and we are working to develop the community so that more replies come from other families and people in the same situation and we evolve into a really supportive community.  However, the community is still quite new and we're reliant on the support of everyone here to talk about their own experiences and reply to other people when they talk about theirs. In the meantime we as Marie Curie staff want to ensure everybody is responded to and supported. 

    I appreciate how much strain can be put on families when you are trying to support a loved one and yet still carry on living a "normal" family life. It can be so hard to juggle all of life's demands. We do have information and support on our website which can help you through this difficult period, including on being there for a loved one who's ill and also looking after your own needs and feelings. The Support Line is also there if you want a chance to talk to somebody or feel in need of some additional support. I hope other people in similar circumstances here on the community will reply to you too.

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  • suey

    Hi sootycat anyone who has never cared or worked in a caring environment does not realise the extent of things they have 2 deal with daily. Working and caring is far 2 much physically and emotionally try not 2 ever feel guilty of wanting help or it is 2 much and needs 2 go in a hospice 4 some people it is peace of mind that they are getting the care there is no very way aslong as the patient is comfortable pain free that is the most comforting thing. I'm caring 4 my dad and work in a nursing home so makes it a little easier I know what 2 expect and signs and how 2 do things my mum is blind so having 2 comfort her as well she wanted him 2 go in hospice but he wanted me 2 care 4 him at home it is tiring and I can't do job and care it's 2 much I know it's not gonna be long and I personally never want him 2 pass away alone. Best thing ask 4 help and talk plenty of help out there it's not always gonna come 2 u, u need 2 find it.

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