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  • Introduction



    5 replies

    Hi my name is Michelle I have just joined this group.

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  • Brigette

    Hi Michellehailes55

    Welcome to the Community. I hope you find it helpful. Please do feel free to join in with any existing conversations or to start a new one. 

    Best Wishes


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  • michelle115

    hi im new here too 

    just heard some not to good news, my sister has cancer her condition is declining as you can imagine this is truly one of the hardest thing i ever been through. im sorry that any one of us have to deal with this pain.i know you all understand my pain and how hard this is right now. 

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  • Clare

    Hello Michelle115,


    We’re sorry to hear about all that your sister and you as a family are going through. Knowing a loved one’s condition is declining can be such difficult news to cope with and can bring with it powerful emotions that may feel overwhelming at times.


    Some people tell us that talking about how they are feeling has been helpful and we hope that others here on the community will share their experiences with you. You are also more than welcome to talk to us on the Support Line, either here on the community, through the online chat service or by calling us on Freephone 0800 090 2309.


    Take care,


    Claire – Support Line Officer



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  • SandraF

    HI my name is Sandra. My dad has end stage heart failure. He is a very stubborn man and refuses all help until we hit a crisis when circumstances take over. His wishes are to remain at home until the end but unfortunately a knee injury/gout? has resulted in a hospital stay. I feel totally devastated by the situation but also frustrated by the fact that he continues to refuse help including a desperately needed catheter. 3 nurses took all day to get this resolved resulting in immediate relief and am improved blood pressure.

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  • Brigette

    Hi Sandra, I am sorry to read about your dad and the difficult circumstances you are facing. Can I ask do you feel that Dad has mental capacity to understand the decisions he is making? Is dad still in the hospital? Before somebody is discharged there will normally be a multi-disciplinary meeting to look to see what needs to be put in place for a safe discharge. This would be an opportunity for you to discuss your worries and concerns with them. If you would like to discuss this further please do feel free to call us on the Support Line- Freephone 0800 090 2309.

    If anybody reading this can share any information or insight about how they coped in a similar situation please do so.

    Best Wishes

    Brigette- Marie Curie Support Line 

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