Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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    06/03/2015  22:32

    I am newly diagnosed and will be going back to the hospital on Wednesday to discuss treatments.  My Consultant thinks I will have chemo for 6 months then surgery.

    I have been reading several sites for information.

    Is it possible for answers to some questions?

    - On average what is the prognosis if treatment is successful?

    - On average what is the prognosis if I don't have any treatment?

    - Will I gain weight with the chemo?

    - Will I loose my hair?

    Many thanks

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    09/03/2015  14:31

    Hi PrettyPolly I'd recommend you go and visit our friends on the Breast Cancer Care forum as they'll be better able to answer your questions as someone who's just been diagnosed with cancer. Our community specialises in helping people who are living with terminal illnesses. Best of luck with your treatment.