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  • Holding that responsibility for another person...



    3 replies

    Only fellow carers knows how it feels to be depended upon 24/7. Not being able to be spontaneous is low level continuous you agree?

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  • Kirstyn

    Hello Bluebelllucy, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and others which may open up a discussion for others in similar situations. We're sorry to read that being a carer yourself means that you are unable to be spontaneous. Is there any time that you get for yourself? 

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  • Bluebluelucy

    Thanks for your reply Kirstyn, I have to plan... and then I can be spontaneous.... I am feeling more positive now, it's just that I had booked a bit of a break for myself but have had to postpone it due to the lockdown.

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  • Brigette

    Edited by Brigette 4 years ago

    Hi Bluebluelucy

    Its great to read that you are feeling more positive. Many people are talking to us about the additional complications and stresses that living in the current pandemic are causing. It can be disappointing when we have to change our plans. We have a volunteer service called Check In and Chat, whereby we could match you with a volunteer so that you could have regular chats with the same person. If you would like to take part in this all you would need to do is to complete this form.

    In the meantime do keep chatting with us here and let us know how your week is going. Hopefully others will respond and join in this conversation.

    Best Wishes

    Brigette- Support Line Officer 

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