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    my husband is 52 years old and we have been together for 29 years we have two children 18 and 20 ,my husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which has spread throughout his body stomach lymph adrenal liver and brain etc ..... 8 weeks ago we where both working full time and happily renovating our house this has come completely out of the blue and we are all in complete shock. my once very strong and supportive husband is just a shell of himself who can hardly stand and is completely confused its like I'm living in some kind of dream world things have happened and changed so quick .they tried radiotherapy on rick but he had an allergic reaction and now no more treatment is available ,Rick is unaware of what he has wrong with him and we all try and be very positive around him I care for rick at home with the help of my girls  McMillian come in once a week to order meds for us and hospice at home come in 2 hours every week so I can catch up on sleep or go shopping  I really don't know why I'm writing all this just feel like I need some support from people who are going through the same sort of thing. everyday is a blessing for us and I thank my lucky stars I have had this time with him to tell him how much I love him and always will xxx

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    Hello hazeymay,


    I am so sorry to read how quickly Rick’s health has deteriorated and the shock you are all experiencing now whilst you’re caring for him as a family at home.  


    Often people tell us it can be useful to talk about their experiences, some people choose to do this with family or friends whilst others seek contact with those going through similar experiences. You may already be aware of The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation they also have a support line is 0333 323 7200.


    Caring for a loved one can be both physically and emotionally challenging at times. Our website features some information you may find useful here:


    On our support line we are happy to provide a listening ear. You are able to reach us by calling Freephone 0800 090 2309 or by contacting us via our web chat:


    Best Wishes,




    Marie Curie Support Line

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