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  • Hi Im Carole



    1 reply

    Hello. I take my coffee with milk and sugar. A bourbon is always appreciated too. More importantly its best served with like minded people who can help and support each other. Any one in the Milton Keynes area. 

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  • Samantha

    Hi Carole


    Thank you for sharing how it is that you take your coffee. Milk, sugar and a bourbon is no doubt a popular choice for many of us... at least it is for myself (2 sugars to be specific, I have a bit of a sweet tooth!).


    As a nation of tea and coffee lovers, hopefully others will share their preferences with us too. Our online community is here to encourage people to reach out online, for people to share their personal experiences and to get support from others. I notice that you have also shared your own post on the forum about your personal situation whereby a few people have already commented. If you feel comfortable, or would find it worthwhile, please don’t hesitate to keep the conversation going.


    Our Support Line is here if you need to talk on Freephone 0800 090 2309, or please continue to chat to us and others through here if you feel it’s helpful.


    Take care,

    Sam – Support Line Officer

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