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  • hi



    2 replies

    Hi all

    I am a 63yr old usually cheerful Nana to 4 lovely children. My husband passed away a week ago so all this is new to me..

    I love crafts of many types meeting friends and making new ones. I love to talk to others and am a little confused by all this. After a long illness I thought I was ready to let go but how wrong can you be.

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    Hi Pat. So sorry to hear of your very recent loss. I'm really glad you have come on here to engage with others at what is a very challenging time for you. I'm new to the Community too. I was widowed very young some years back and thought I could potentially offer support to others going through a similar experience. I wonder do you have a good support network of people around you who can support you both practically and emotionally in these early days of your grief? I completely relate to what you say about thinking that you were ready to let go. It's hard to watch a loved one suffer and you yourself as carer become exhausted. However 'in the know' you are about the prognosis though, nothing can prepare you for the sense of loss. I recall feeling like I had lost my purpose in life-without him to care for there was nothing else meaningful for me to do. Anyway, I hope you pop back and let us know how you are getting on and hopefully the support of those around you and maybe some chats on here can help you through these very difficult time. Once again, I really am sorry for your loss. x

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  • Mrsdoyle

    Hi pat I've just joined the group too, I lost my partner of 31 years 21 months ago feel like I'm stuck in this grief he was only 57 I miss him so much .I know it's only early days for you and everyone's different but I'm hoping someone can give some advice on how to move on . He was only ill for 11 months with brain tumour but after first dose of chemo he got massive infection and died of sepsis I'm still trying to get my head straight and look after my son's feelings he's 12, and I'm sure your grandkids miss their grandad as mine do . Xx

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