here to help those caring for loved ones

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    13/05/2017  01:18

    Hi to you all I am new to the community. I care for my sister who is 35 and terminally ill due to heart failure it's a heartbreaking situation and one i ha ve been in before 2 years ago as my Dad died of cancer so I am here if anyone has any questions about how to cope when a loved one is at the end stages. Tonight is our first night with a Marie Curie nurse here to help us and i am so grateful for her

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    22/05/2017  00:32

    Hello Deekay

    I'm so sorry for your distressing situation, do you still check into this forum?  I'm sorry I had not seen your post earlier or I would have dropped you a line sooner to have a chat about end of life care.  I hope you are bearing up looking after your sister, it is so difficult to watch our loved ones suffer isn't it.  I hope your Sister is as comfortable as can possibly be.  I lost my Husband to Congestive Heart Failure. 

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    23/05/2017  20:22

    Hi I am new to all this, and I am looking after my husband who has COPD and heart problems, he has been ill now for fourteen years but we know that we are in end stage of all this, he has constant problems with his stomach and has been on oxygen for 2 years, he is suffering a lot with loss of feelings in his legs, he did have a pic line but they took this out a couple of weeks ago and no mention of a replacement so not sure what will happen if he needs blood tests or iv's. It is really upsetting to watch him gasping for breath, and is waking during the night with his legs playing him up.  Just not sure who to turn to anymore, he said there is no point in phoning the doctor because they cant do anything for him and doesn't want to go into hospital because he said he will die there. Don't have any nurses coming in now that the pic line is gone so no back up at all really. Anyhow, hope you are coping and hope the nurses are helping you. Kath