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    Hi everyone, My husband has secondary cancer and the consultant has given him just under 2 years and that is being very optimistic. He is in hospital at the moment being treated for dehydration, the 3rd episode in as many months. We are hoping that when he comes out he can go to a local hospice while they sort out his pain relief, at the present the oxycodone either makes him very sleepy or very confused. The hospice is very concerned about his shaking, it was thought he had Parkinson's before official cancer diagnosis, and have said that he might not be able to treat with new medication (he also has af and a defibrillator fitted). If he is unable to get his pain under control and go to the hospice will we be able to have help with day to day life at home and not for just 30 minutes a day?

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  • David

    Hi Pet60,

    Welcome to the Marie Curie community and we are sorry to hear about your husband’s condition. It sounds like it has been a difficult time in recent months with these hospital admissions and you’re particularly concerned about getting the right care at home when he is discharged from hospital again.

    Hopefully better support with pain management and any other symptoms he is struggling with will be put in place and you can speak with the hospital team if you are worried. Palliative care is about helping people live as well as possible with a terminal condition – for those whose symptoms are hard to manage (especially issues like pain), they may be admitted to a hospice for a short stay or possibly referred to a community palliative care team who help people at home.

    If you want to know more about the kind of help available, we have content on our website about getting nursing care at home:

    There is also our booklet Being Cared for at Home which is available to read online or order for free through the website:

    Help with day-to-day care needs is usually offered by professional carers organised by the hospital discharge team or through social services. You can speak with them and let them know if you’re worried it won’t be enough to meet your needs.

    Perhaps there are others who have faced similar concerns organising care and will be able to share their thoughts or experiences on the Marie Curie Online Community?

    If it would help to talk about your situation in more detail with one of the Support Line team, we are also here for information as well as emotional support. You can speak with us by calling Freephone 0800 090 2309, or chat online through webchat at

    Take care,

    David – Support Line Officer

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