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    I'm feeling desperate, in the last 2 months I have lost my dad (abusive), a dear friend, my rat, my gran and a friend is dying of terminal cancer. After a period of numbness I'm now acutely anxious all day especially with health, I have existing mental health issues and I'm struggling to keep going. I'm having strange thoughts and can't stop obsessing and ruminating on all my symptoms. I can't begin to process what has happened and feel selfish and needy as everyone is currently struggling with a global pandemic. Because of my history I find it very hard to be kind to myself and think any feelings are valid. I would so appreciate any help from the group. Kind regards xxx

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  • ginasaro

    Hello Feraling, 

    Sorry to hear you're having a crap time. Do you think you would consider some counselling? I live in Devon and was fast tracked for a session a couple for days ago as my dad is here with my and hasn't got long left. Where abouts in the UK are you? There must be some local counselling support, it's just finding what's best for you. Perhaps you could make contact with the Oncology department of your local hospital, they can probably put you in the right direct? 

    I hope this helps. Stay strong, and do the things that cheer you up, however small they may be. Take time with yourself, and be gentle. 

    Ginasaro xx 

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  • Hannah11

    Hi Feraling, 

    Welcome to the Online Community. I'm sorry to hear about your losses and all that you are feeling right now.


    During the pandemic, people have shared that they are finding their grief harder to process and deal with. Its not selfish to be needing help at all. Grief is a very personal journey that we all experience differently. Sometimes we all need a little help. 

    We are here for you for those times you'd like to talk. Maybe one of the ideas Ginasaro has suggested could help. 

    Take care,

    Hannah - Support Line Officer


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