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    Hi I have just recieved the news that I have an inoperable lung cancer and I am trying to make sense of my new reality. I am a 60 year old man living in Scotland and I am usually happy and chipper and I would like to carry on just the same even though I am aware it will be difficult.Any suggestions ? thank you.John

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  • LucyT

    Hi John, that sounds like a really difficult situation to be in but so great you are looking at it in such a positive way. Have you thought about the activities, places and people that allow you to be happy and chipper? Focusing on those could help ensure you remain yourself and also give you something to look forward to when you aren't feeling so good. I hope you're having a really good day today :) Lucy

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  • MarkWilkin

    Well a good first step is to make sure you reach out for all the support that you're entitled to. Your GP can make sure you're referred to your local palliative care team and specialist nurses and should also be able to point you in the direction of any other local services like support groups. You can also search our In your area page to see what help is local to you as well.

    Also have a look at our page on our Helper volunteers and see if we have some in your area as part of what they do is help out here and there to make things a bit easier.

    Then when you've got some spare time, pull up a chair and have a read of our help pages, we cover a lot of topics on there so don't think you need to read it all in one go. But we hope there's a lot of useful information for you in there. A good place to start is our If you've recently been diagnosed pages.

    Hope that's useful and if you've got any other questions or just need to chat pop back or give our support line a ring.

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