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    Hi.  I am currently supporting my parents-in-law.  Dad has leukaemia.  Unfortunately, transfusions are no longer working.  He had been having regular weekly transfusions since finishing chemo several months ago.  Yesterday the doctor advised him to stay at home and be looked after there.  I want to do everything I can to help.  Any advice greatly received.

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    Hi Hammersgirl, welcome to the Community. I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through such a difficult time. I am sorry to hear that the treatment is no longer working. I wonder have any of you involved in his care had the opportunity to discuss a care plan for him at home? Caring for a patient at home is very challenging so it is important that you have all the practical support that you need. I don't know what his current physical capabilities are but it may be that he will need aides or home adjustments to support him remaining at home. It may also be worth talking to his GP surgery about linking up with the district nursing team to support his home care. Please remember to take care of yourself too during this difficult time-it is a time of immense pressure both physically and emotionally so ensure that you yourself get plenty of R&R to equip you to support your family. I hope this Community can be of some support to you and your family. Take care. x

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  • hammersgirl133

    Thank you for your reply.  Mum in law is organising a care plan now.  We have been told Dad will probably not make his 70th birthday at the end of April.  We are looking into getting a night sitter so that Mum can get more rest, as she is in her seventies.  We are lucky that all of the family is pulling together to help.  Thanks again. 

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