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  • Grieving for Mum and Dad



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    My dad passed away 3 years ago from oesophageal cancer only 7 weeks from diagnosis. Then my mum passed away last November from cancer only 3 months from diagnosis. It was so shocking the way the cancer took hold. They both died at home. I have 4 siblings and especially with my mum it was mainly myself and one sister who did the caring. I fought for all the outside help and was my mums advocate. Since her death I have found it really hard to speak to 2 of my siblings because they did nothing to help or support us. I don’t want to be bitter but I can’t understand their lack of empathy in the situation. Long story short we don’t speak much anymore and I’m finding it difficult to forgive

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  • Support

    Hi DC48,


    I am sorry to read about the recent death of your parents and the impact that this has had on you. Caring for loved ones can be both rewarding and challenging and it sounds like you may have experienced both. We speak to many people who describe the challenges they have faced in providing this care with both the system and within their family situation. Talking about your experiences can help you to start to process them, do you have people you can talk to about your situation?  There may be people on the forum who have had similar experiences that they are happy to share with you. And our Support Line can always provide a listening ear, either by the forum or over the telephone on Freephone 0800 090 2309.


    Take care



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