Get involved and help us improve!

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    27/07/2018  11:39

    We are always looking at ways to improve. So please feel free to tell us what new ideas you have for the Community. You may have experience from other forums, or just have ideas and want to be involved. The types of things we are looking for is feedback around are:


    ·       How can we make the Community more user friendly?

    ·       What would you like to see from us?

    ·       Is there anything that you feel is missing?

    ·       Is there anything you don’t like?


    We would love to hear all your thoughts however we may not be able implement every one.

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    27/07/2018  14:36


    A massive part of what is missing is that it's very hard to find the forum. Looking at the main Marie Curie page there is no easy link to it. I only found it last month due to past emails.

    Nobody I have spoken to, knows about it.

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    27/07/2018  14:48

    Also it may be good for families to receive this website address with all the info they receive at their clinic appointment. I'm sure they have a lot of info to take in, so adding an email address for when they're ready to ask questions, or chat to someone may be useful. I think people find it very hard to pick up the phone and ask for help on the phone line. I personally find it easier to write my feelings down than talk about them

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    02/08/2018  07:45

    Hi LadyB

    Thank you so much for your input and ideas. We are talking with the correct teams to make the Community easier to find, and we will look into ways to include details of the community in our publications and literature.

    If anybody else has any suggestions please do let us know.

  • 07/02/2019  14:49

    Hi. I'm a volunteer at Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead. One improvement we could suggest is an online art therapy group for people affected by terminal illness.

    What do people think?