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    My dad had bladder cancer and seemed to have beaten it, but last week we were told it has come back and now spread and caused 2 new tumours which they cannot treat, so it's now a waiting game watching him in pain and wasting away. He has accepted it. I myself am not coping that well. I am trying to do what I can to make things easier for other family member's as it is the only way I fell useful. With this in mind I am trying to help mum to see what financial help there is. My dad is classed as disabled already and receives DLA. Can mum claim any help? They are both retired and in their early 70's.

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  • Elin

    Hi KatHar and welcome to the Marie Curie Community. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and others. We are sorry to read about your dad’s diagnosis and all that you are going through. Witnessing a loved one throughout this experience can be overwhelming and it is understandable to find it difficult to cope. There is no right or wrong way to feel at this time and it is most important to take care of yourself in a way that feels right for you. Hopefully others here on the Marie Curie Community can share their experiences and insights, perhaps talk about ways in which they managed similar situations and the different emotions it can bring.


    With regards to financial support, it may be helpful to do our benefit calculator to check eligibility for benefits during this time. It may be that your mum is entitled to financial support such as Carer’s Allowance, if she is currently caring for your dad for over 35 hours a week. You can find more information about benefits and finances below:




    ·         Our Benefit Calculator can be found here:

    Macmillan can also provide grants for those with a cancer diagnosis. Macmillan Grants are a one-off payment of £350 to help with the extra costs that living with cancer can bring. More information can be found here: . Turn2us are also an organisation to help find grants in your local area and if there are any suitable to your situation for financial assistance. You can find more information about what they do here:

    It is important to take care of yourself during this time and if you ever feel like talking about your experience, we are here to listen. The Marie Curie Community is a safe place for you to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing and ask any questions. If you would like to speak with us on our Support Line, we are here for practical information and emotional support on Freephone 0800 090 2309 or by email


    Take care,


    Elin – Support Line Officer

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