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  • End of life



    1 reply

    Being told you can not visit a relative on end of life care with hours to live is absolutely disgusting! Me and my nanna have always been close she's more like a mum to me I've visited her regular in the care home since she was admitted 5 years ago. She's now at the end of life and they won't let me say goodbye and I no my nanna would want me there with her! This is going mess with my head for the rest of my life.

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  • David

    Hi Littlesam, it is natural to feel a lot of difficult emotions because you are unable to visit your nanna, who is clearly very dear to you. I am sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Feeling frustrated or angry is understandable given the circumstances and anyone in your situation would, like you, want to visit their nanna too.


    The government guidelines emphasise that, where possible, visits from family members should be allowed for care home residents who are end-of-life, to say goodbye. However, it is up to the care homes to decide how they implement these guidelines and in some instances, this means stopping people from visiting. We have a page on our website for people who sadly are not able to see a loved one If you have talked to the care home about this and you are dissatisfied with them, they will normally have a complaint process you can follow.


    If it would help to talk about your feelings during this difficult time, our Support Line is also here with a listening ear for emotional support as well as information. You can speak with us on Freephone 0800 090 2309.


    Take care,


    David – Support Line Officer

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