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    Edited by Beverly91 9 years ago

    Hi my names bev and I'm living with a mother with cancer and has been battling for 5 years, breast cancer 15 years ago then 5 years ago cervical which resulted in hysterectomy and some chemotherapy and radio therapy, in October 2014 my poor mum who is only 67 years young started coughing a lot and unwell with her chest, after being told its a virus and then given antibiotics the GP in all his wisdoms 3 months later decided to send her for an ex ray (all a bit late considering her history)shortly after she had a call to go for scan then follow up confirmed cancer and then biopsy last week.finally a call came from a nurse to confirm they have results and appointment to discuss results of there find, well aware it's lung cancer but not much else, however the nurse introduced herself as a Marie curie nurse and confirmed the date which is next week. My mum not really realising much difference between Macmillan and Marie curie thankfully is not aware That Marie curie give support and care to terminally ill people ONLY to my knowledge from the information I have read.I can only guess that my mother is now terminally ill and the nhs have referred her and there's been a communication error of the timing as I would assume patients would normally have there diagnosis beforehand. Please can I have your help and honesty and your opinion that my thoughts are right and this is basically saying that my mother has terminal cancer .i really have no other understanding of why they would have her number, mobile and landline and confirm her appointment and seem to no all about her recent hospital appointments Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your honest views on this I'm well aware this is more than likely the prognosis and won't be shocked as I come to terms with the fact I may lose my mum to cancer sooner rather than later. Bev x

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  • MarkWilkin

    Hi Bev I'm afraid I can't comment on individual cases like this on the community, but if you can give me some details via a private message we can investigate for you. But in general Marie Curie nurses only get involved with cases after we've received a referral from a primary carer, i.e. a GP or care team at a hospital. Get in touch and we'll see what's happened here.


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