Dealing with the anger

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    21/09/2017  15:07

    I'm new to the site and lost my mother 3 months ago. I'm not sure I'm ready to put everything I'm feeling in an introductory post yet as this is not something I've done before. However, I know that I need to reach out and talk to people to start dealing with my grief. At the moment, I'm full of an anger that is all consuming and it's a very unhappy and destructive place to be for me.

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    21/09/2017  16:23

    Hi Chinadoll, 

    I am sorry to read about the death of your mother and how unhappy you are feeling. Reaching out for support is a very brave step. Counsellors sometimes talk about grieving or mourning in terms of stages or task that are worked through with anger very much being one of them. We have some information on this :

    Many people tell us that it can be helpful to talk about their feelings to somebody who is not directly known to you. If you feel this could help your then you are very welcome to contact us at the Support Line on freephone 0800 090 2309. Or if you would prefer you could send us a private message here, with more details. 

    Best Wishes