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  • Dad has stomach cancer



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    Hi everyone, after seeing my terminally ill dad telling me he was having a panic attack and looking scared about his state of health (he's very poorly and has been given only a few weeks left to live after being in hospital nearly 6 weeks) prompted me to join this discussion for help and advice, he's squeezing mine and my sisters hand and not wanting us to leave, feeling very distressed by it all and we lost our mum in 4 days 20 months ago. Feel absolutely helpless for my poor dad, trying to keep strong in front of him but then feel lost and very alone with it all

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  • Clare

    Hello Peeweeherman1, we’re sorry to read about how poorly your dad is and also that this has come only 20 months after you lost your mum. It’s understandable that you are feeling lost and distressed by all that is happening.


    Has your dad been able to talk to any of the health care professionals taking care of him about the panic attack he experienced? If not, you may want to chat to your dad about both of you speaking to them to see what support they may be able to offer.


    Supporting a loved one through a terminal illness can bring intense emotions at times and many people tell us that they have found it helpful to talk about how they are feeling. If you would like to do this we are here for you with a listening ear on this community, our Freephone Support Line - 0800 090 2309 or via webchat –


    We hope that others here on the community will also be able to share their families' experiences with you and what they feel has helped them.


    Take care,


    Clare - Marie Curie Support Line Team. 

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