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  • COPD & Heart issues



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    My mum who is 43 was diagnosed with COPD 9 years ago and has since been told it has progressed to extensive emphysema and had her lung collapsed, and several infections. In the last two weeks she has had 2 episodes of SVT and it's getting worse each time. They've referred her to broad green with possibility of heart ablation but due to her weight their unsure if she'd be able to handle the anaesthesia. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this before?  They've made us aware that at any point it could be fatal. I have nobody to speak to about this. 

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  • Hannah11

    Hello TorileighA 

    Welcome to the Online Community. 

    We're sorry to read about your mum's diagnosis and all that you are experiencing with her health issues. 

    Having a loved one who is living with an illness can be difficult for those who care about them. It can bring a range of powerful emotions that can be hard to cope with. It's understandable that you may need someone to talk to about your feelings and experience. 

    Our Support Line is here for you if you'd ever like someone to talk to. We also have Support Line Nurses who can share general medical information if needed. 

    We hope others who may have had a similar experience will respond and offer support. 

    Take care, 

    Hannah - Support Line Officer

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