Caring for my partner, sole mate and father of my children

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    25/06/2017  23:06

    Definitely not intruding. The why dad from the children, I don't try and answer, youngest asked again this morning, why dad mum, why now - answered with I don't know sweet I feel the same and I know if we could both change it for dad we would but we can't do we have to be there for dad and each other, bless him Are you coping ok

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    26/06/2017  07:58

    I think that the "Why?"s from your children must be the most difficult aspect of handling your grief. I didn't have this before and won't now. "I don't know... life is unfair" is the best anyone can do.

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    26/08/2017  00:31

    Thank you for replying it's been a roller coaster of a ride. My fiance decided he wanted to get married and get our youngest christened before anything happened - our amazing village, community, friends and family rallied together and sorted the wedding and christening of my fiance's dreams, we officially married 5 days before a full White church blessing and christening we did the vows early to take the pressure of him on the day. We were married for just two weeks when he passed away in my arms at our local amazing hospice with our children and family nearby. Diagnosed with no prior knowledge 13.04, told terminal and time 27.04, married 23/29.07 battle lost 08.08 - I've lost my husband, soul mate, best friend and the most amazing father and grandad - gutted - understatement - still reeling yes - celebration of life/funeral took place 2 days ago - he wanted a happy colourful funeral with a celebration/party afterwards - so that is what I did. Two amazing days in such a short space of time, never been to a wedding or funeral like it and probably never will again - we have all lost an amazing man . Apologies for not replying to sooner things just took over - if you have things you think you want to do, do them sooner than later and live for everyday. So much love around us, myself and the children will take comfort in the many memories that we have made and we have been helped to make in such a short space of time. Best wishes and good luck xxxx