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  • caring for my hero



    3 replies

    My dad is coming home to live the rest of his life around his family and I'm going to be looking after him and I'm so scared, I fear loosing him so much, my dad is a retired fireman age 67 x

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  • Clare

     Hi Veletgloss,


    I am sorry to read about your Dad but it is great that he is able to come home as he wishes. It is natural to feel scared of the unknown but there are people who can support you through this. We have lots of information, both practical and emotional, on our website:  and you are welcome to call us on the Support Line (0800 090 2309) if you would like to talk things through.




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  • veletgloss

    Thank you so much for replying, I will definitely call up I need the support as I'm not taking this to well, my dad is coming home tomorrow so once we get him settled back home I will call up x

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  • veletgloss

    My dad has been home a few days and although I know I'm going to loose my best friend, we are all enjoying spending every minute together, his Marie curie nurse is wonderful and going to put us in touch with people to talk to x

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