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  • Benefits and grants help?



    4 replies

    Edited by MarkWilkin 9 years ago

    If you're living with a terminal illness or are friends, family or care for someone with a terminal illness, then money problems might be on your mind. But there are places you can get financial help from, we've got some information on this here.

    What are your experiences of trying to get benefits and grants and are there any tips you want to share with the community?


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  • HilaryB

    When my husband was very ill (he died 5.5 months after diagnosis) I was amazed at how quickly we were able to access the various benefits. Our Macmillan nurse was very proactive in pushing the right buttons on our behalf - if you are terminally ill, with a very limited expected lifespan you can be fast tracked to receive benefits like Blue Badges, PIP etc. Incidentally, the Blue Badge made a huge difference to my husband's quality of life in the last months - it's well worth applying for.

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  • Mel1963

    Hi, I'm in need of advice really as I'm new to all of this. My mother in law had a stroke last year and was discharged from hospital in December. She is bed bound and doubly incontinent and has carers four times a day. Her husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer two years ago and has recently become very ill. He is having a blood transfusion this week and starting chemotherapy next week following steroids. My worry is that he will not be in a fit state to care for himself let alone my mother in law and I don't know where to start with regards to help for him.

    my sister in law is supposed to be tending to all that sort of stuff but to be honest I don't think she is that interested in him and it is becoming very worrying for my husband and I. Any advice would be much appreciated. We just seem to be treading on eggshells with other members of the family which doesn't help matters 😢

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  • Support

    Edited by Support 8 years ago

    Hi Mel

    I am sorry to read that both your Mother-in-law and Father-in-law are unwell. From what you have said it looks like social services are already supporting your Mother-in-law. Has anybody spoken to either of them about seeing if social services can provide them with any additional support? Would your Father-in-law be agreeable to social services carrying out an assessment of his needs and of him as a career? We have lots of information about help with care needs which you can find here:

    Supporting each other and the family when somebody is ill can be an emotional roller-coaster and we have lots of information aimed to support you through this difficult time which you can access here :

    If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail contact us on the support line (T.0800 090 2309).


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  • Mel1963

    Hi Bridget, My father in law has had a ss assessment I believe and they just said he was only entitled to respite care which he builds up 1 hour per week if caring for his wife. I just find it really hard to believe to be honest.

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