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  • Adrenal cancer



    1 reply

    I was diagnosed with Adrenal cancer in August 2013. I had Cushing's syndrome but my GP wouldn't believe me. Eventually I was admitted to hospital and I was right. Then they found the tumour. They removed it at King's College hospital. I now have three secondary tumours. 

    Today I went to see my consultant and he told me that most people with my condition don't normally live longer than a year, and I have done two and a half, then he said you are living on borrowed time. 

    This really hit home,and tonight I am really suffering with the miseries. To complicate things I also have Multiple Sclerosis. 

    I try to be upbeat, but it's difficult tonight. 

    Sorry to rant, but I don't know anyone in my situation. 

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  • Clare

    Hi Hilstep,

    We are really sorry to hear your news and the challenges you are facing.    

    It is natural to vent your frustrations & feelings when the enormity of your situation hits home.  You have already taken a major step to talk about the emotions you are feeling on the Community.  You can post as often as you want, if you find this helpful.  

    In some areas we also have experienced volunteers that can be there to listen when you need a friendly ear –You can find details about this service at

    We are also here on the Support Line – 0800 090 2309, if you feel the need to speak to someone. 

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