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    2 replies

    Hello, I’m Claire and I’ve worked on the Support Line since not long after we opened in 2015. As a Support Line Officer, I’m here to help support people that are affected by any terminal illness. A large part of what I do is trying to ensure that people have the information they need, when they need it, to make the best possible choices for themselves and their loved ones.


    With this in mind, I was wondering if anyone would feel comfortable sharing any information or advice that they have found helpful? Perhaps there was an article that you found especially useful or a simple piece of advice that someone shared with you?

    Whatever it may be, I encourage you to share because I’m sure it will help others too. 


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  • LadyB

    Hi Clare, and Hi everyone,

    I've lost a couple of family members in Marie Curie hospice. After my auntie in 2012, who was like a 2nd mum, I needed a focus to help me grieve, but to also throw my mind into feeling that some kind of positive comes out from the grief. Obviously this takes time and when you're ready. Due to my amazingly supportive husband, I was able to sign up to a trek and fundraise at the same time. This helped me talk about my grief in a positive way, as others would donate hearing about how the charity helps patients and their families. This has included coffee mornings, bike rides, scratch cards so that part of the money goes to the winner and part to the charity. I also became a Helper volunteer as I had 1st hand experience on what families go through (and a love a good chat with a cuppa).

    My mum passed away in 2016. By then I had done several overseas treks as it became addictive! My exercise has also become a great habit to have. You don't have to be a certain weight, height or health to exercise. From gentle walks in the park, to riding on a bike, to walking anyone's dog if you don't have your own! It can progress to joining a gym, doing couch to 5km runs and increase from there. Everything I do helps clear my head. Never to forget, but to see more clearly, understand better, and feel more in control. When I stop and analyse myself, it was the feeling of loss of control I found hard. When I organise events for myself or others I get my control and enjoyment back. Knowing that my family who have passed away would be so proud.

    I hope this helps and best wishes to you all. This time of year is a tough one, but you'll find there's lots of times of year that's tough. We just have to battle on for the one's who are here and for ourselves xx

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  • Clare

    Hi LadyB,


    It’s lovely to hear from one of our volunteers. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and everyone else on the community. It’s good to read how exercise has helped you over these past few years and as you say you can feel the benefit from as little as a gentle walk.


    I think your words about this being a tough time of year may resonate with many others.

    Take care,



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