Q&A - Coping with grief as a family

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    Hi Chel15

    'I just don't know how we can all bounce back again its like we are robots just dong the daily chores, I miss them so much it psychically hurts.'

    I don't have an answer to this - I see earlier posters have made some suggestions - but we are definitely NOT robots. It affects most people when a loved-one dies, and losing 2 loved ones is obviously worse. I'm not sure, myself, whether you should try to force yourself out of what you described - what I would call 'a deeply numbed state following bereavement' or whether you should just wait until something improves. I don't think that most people ever get back to 'where they were before' but I think that most people will 'get to somewhere 'a bit more normal'' over time, although that could be a couple of years or more.

    I don't think it is unusual to be deeply affected by death, and I'm not sure that trying to be 'falsely positive' is a good thing - it is not a nice thing to go through, when someone you deeply care about dies,

                                          Best wishes, Mike