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  • NewGirl1

    We took one day at a time too and TRIED to smile every day and not think of next day but sometimes it just consumes you ,the sadness ,the tears ♥️

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  • Flowers

    Hi, what a beautiful name she sounds like a fantastic young lady.

    Being  kind to our fellow person is a precious ability .She sounds like a strong minded lady you must be very proud of her.

    My husband  was diagnosed in January with hope that treatment would extend his life but now we are preparing for him to come home in days with palliative care package.  Treatment just was not enough as it is quite aggressive . I spend days quite calm but I think I am hiding it. 

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  • NewGirl1

    I'm so aorry about your husband . My job is in the care sector and I know how it affects families from that point of view. I'm sure the carers will be fantastic and will care for him with love and respect . It's hard when you have it 24hrs a day . I stayed with jade for 4 days and 3 nights ,holding her hand and was involved in her care in those last days as much as I could . If you want to help in your husband's care at home then do that but remember if it's too much let the carers do the tough stuff ,don't feel guilty . You need to be strong and rested to get through this tough time x

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