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  • Flowers

    Hi,I am so sorry to hear about your loss xx

    Losing a child must be devastating for you and such a waste of a young lady.

    My family and I are day by day losing my husband ,a dad to two and grandfather.

    Like you dealing with cancer is awful.Some days I can focus but mostly I just function x

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  • NewGirl1

    I remember those days of anxiety and exhaustion wondering if today was the day . My whole life was taken up with my daughter and I wouldn't have had it any other way . And ti be honest absolutely nothing can prepare you for it when it eventually happens . Existing is a good way to describe it but now I don't even want to exist . I wouldn't act on that but I wake up and think ....not another day ,I dint want to do this . I'm sorry I'm probably making you feel worse but I'm just being honest. Here to chat if you feel like it ,any time ♥️

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  • Flowers

    Being honest is extremely important. At the moment for us we take a day at a time and focussing on what we need to do each day and spending what time we have left. Thinking about life afterwards at the moment is something I do occasionally mainly because financially, dealing with the house,alongside keeping people informed keeps me going if you see what I mean.I

    Tell me about your daughter if it helps, like you here if you need a chat anytime xx

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  • NewGirl1

    My daughter is called jade and she was a unique young woman . Her motto was "know your worth" and believed in making the most of your life and being the best version of yourself and had the kindness heart ,made time for everyone even when she was unwell and everyone is devastated ,even the doctor in the hospice was crying even though she was only there for 4 days . She had battled cancer 4 times from age of 15 until they couldn't fix her anymore . She was my best friend and I miss her every second of every day . How long has your husband been ill x

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  • Alexia

    Hi NewGirl1,

    Welcome to the Marie Curie Community and we’re sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. It’s understandable if this feels disorientating and the grief of a parent can be so difficult. Our community is your safe space to share whatever you feel comfortable sharing and a way to connect with others who’ve been through similar experiences for mutual support.

    Our Support Line team are also here for you if need to talk or would like information about coping with grief.

    Take care,


    David – Support Line Officer 

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