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  • lost my mum and now is losing my father, i am really angry inside and feeling dying in side



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    I felt so depressed and had to see my father is suffering from terminal illness. I lost all my feelings towards to my interests and hobbies. I cannot see the future. Friends told me there is purpose of God for everything. i do NOT get this. what is the purpose of cancer?

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  • Brigette

    Hi Evie,

    I am sorry to read about everything you are experiencing and how you are struggling to see a future. Can I ask have you spoken to your GP about this at all? 

    Grief, can involve many feelings and emotions which can include sadness and anger, and many people talk to us about starting to feel these emotions when they know that somebody has a terminal condition. It is called anticipatory grief. 

    Please do use this space to talk to us more about how you are feeling ,as we often hear that talking or writing things down can help people to start to process their thoughts and emotions. If you would prefer to speak out loud then our Support Line is here to listen and provide you with a safe space to do so.

    You have asked us some hard questions - what is the purpose of cancer; and it is not something we can answer but again questioning and asking why is a really normal reaction to have at this stage, Evie. We do have Palliative care nurses that you can speak to if you wish.  They could talk to you in general about Cancer and living with a terminal illness but wouldn't be able to answer that question. 

    Hopefully other community members will be able to relate to what you are feeling and to share their thoughts and experiences with you. 

    Take care

    Brigette- Support Line Officer. 

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