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  • Loss



    3 replies

    Hi my name is cherie and I'm so lost,my wonderful husband Steve passed away Nov 2019 and my world exploded my life stopped

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  • Clare

    Hi Cherie,

    Welcome to our online community.

    We’re sorry to hear about the passing of your husband, Steve and how you are feeling. The difficult emotions that come with grief are not easy to manage and can understandably leave you feeling lost and uncertain. We hope that you are being kind to yourself. Many people tell us that they find some support in being able to talk about how they are feeling, and we hope that the community can offer you this.  Our Support Line is also here for you -

    Take care,

    Clare – Support Line Officer

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  • Cherie

    Thank you for the quick response I looked after him from diagnosis mammalian were involved and I guess I'm a little upset no one as been in touch since I lost him I have great family yet I feel so lost and alone

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  • Clare

    Edited by Clare 3 years ago

    Caring for a loved one often quite naturally becomes the focus of your life and it can be a big adjustment when this sadly ends, whether your caring was over weeks, months or years. Many people have told us that even when you have a great family around you it’s still possible to feel lost without your partner, the person you shared your life with, Cherie. Sometimes it can be easier to share how you are feeling with those who are not family or friends, so you don’t feel you need to be protecting them when they are also grieving.


    Please share as much or as little as you wish to with us.



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