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  • Advice on drinking cup



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    Hi, my apologies if this is in the wrong place, please let me know if there's a more relevant forum (I've also tried searching and I'm sure it's been addressed, but I'm afraid I can't find an answer, so would be grateful if anyone can link me to the right thread). We're caring for my father and we were using a sippy cup, but he can no longer sit up to use it and he doesn't have the strength to suck on a straw. Is there anything people can suggest that would work for him when we raise the bed head? We'll also ask the hospice team when they get here later, but it would be lovely if anyone could share anything that they think might work! Thank you very much.

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  • Jan1

    Good morning Steff23, my name is Jan, a Marie Curie Nurse on the Information and Support Community.

    Thanking you for your post regarding your Fathers changing ability to take oral fluids.

    Whilst it can be common for people to have problems eating and drinking when less well, or have a terminal illness. It might be helpful for the attending palliative care team to review your Father first, to rule out any other underlying cause, that may be impacting on his ability to take fluids, such as oral candida/mouth ulcers.

    The palliative care team will be in a position to tailor their guidance accordingly, and personalise to your fathers care needs.

    I will share a couple of links for you Steff23, that may be helpful going forward.

    Please feel free to respond directly to this post or if you feel it would be helpful to talk to a member of our team over the phone, or book a nurses call back, then please call us on Tel: 0800 090 2309.

    Take care for now.


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