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  • The sudden death of my husband age 61



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    My husband was a skinny active vegetarian who was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure after a traumatic time at work. He went to the doctor with acid reflux and they checked his heart but ruled out a heart attack as the results were inconclusive. this was 10 years ago. Since then he has attended every appointment and we managed his diabetes with diet alone. He has since then suffered severe tiredness that abated when he got going in the morning slightly. The doctor always said it was the blood pressure tablets. In the last few months the reflux came back really badly and his muscle tone disappeared despite his running a small holding chopping logs digging a veg patch etc. Two attacks of reflux and a visit to the doctors each time resulted in a tablet. Never once did they check or mention his heart. The very next night he woke with the same reflux so I called 111 who immediately said it could be his heart, an ambulance came blue lighted to hospital they said he should be fine he is not over weight grab a bag for him so I followed 30miles, I couldn't keep up and when I got there he had gone in for a stent to be fitted what ever a stent is, he never woke up. I think if he was over weight and looked unhealthy more tests would have been done. Hard to come to terms with 

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  • Clare

    Hi r0dsalter,

    We are so very sorry to hear about the death of your husband. Grieving is painful and this can be particularly so when the loss is recent. While how we grieve is individual to each person, finding the loss hard to come to terms with is a common feeling and can be especially hard when a loved one dies suddenly. It’s important to let yourself mourn as much and as long as is right for you. Talking about how you are feeling can be very helpful and we are here for you in the Marie Curie community. If you feel it would help you to speak to someone please also contact us on our support line – 0800 090 2309. 

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