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  • Loss of mobility - early terminal stages



    2 replies

    My mums been told a few weeks ago she’s terminal the cancer is in her lymph nodes the doctor gave her a prognosis of 12 months maximum but all of a sudden she’s loosing mobility. She’s had a few small falls but last night her legs gave out on the stairs and she fell from top to bottom. Does anyone know much about loss of mobility at this stage considering the prognosis is that long. I’ve searched online for hours but the only information I can find is around the later stages. The consultant isn’t very good and she keeps saying it’s ok, it’s normal but to me the amount of falls she’s having isn’t right she’s only 50 and before her diagnosis she has always been fit and healthy.

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  • DBarry

    Edited by Hannah11 4 years ago

    Good morning Stacey88


    We are sorry to read about your mum’s recent diagnosis and the loss of her mobility.

    I am Darren and I am a clinical nurse on the Information and support line. Please see attached website on information we provide:


    Surrounding your mum’s diagnoses this is a vary individual and people experiences differ. With regards to mum’s recent fall advice and support can be sought from mum’s GP, DN or consultant. There is a wide range of support available through the above professional who are involved in mum’s healthcare.  Here is a link to information available on seeking support:


    As this is an open forum people may be able to respond and offer information. But please feel free to respond to this message for more information or you can contact one of the team on 08000902369.



    Darren I&S clinical line nurse.


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  • rebec12341

    Hey Stacy, I am so sorry to hear about your mum. It must be a really difficult time for you right now. You are not alone and we are here for you. Rebecca x

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