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    Hello I'm new and looking forward to having people in the same situation as me to talk to. My Nan has terminal cancer and I do what I can for her. Juggling work 3 children 14,3 and 8 months! And a husband 😉 any help and advice gratefully received x

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  • sammyd44

    Hi AML14, My nana (who is my best friend!!) has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was admitted to hospital on Saturday with a severe water infection (thought we were going to lose her then, really not ready to let her go!!!).  Thankfully she has made a miraculous recovery and will be coming home on Monday (can't go back to her own home and will move in with my mum) with a care package in place.  I, like you, am juggling a full time job as well as running my own home, thankfully my husband and 16 year old daughter are wonderful.  The advice I can give you is don't wear yourself out as your nan would be upset if you were ill.  The one thing I hold on to is the fact that my nan and Grandfather will be reunited, he's been dead 29 years and was the love of her life, that's the only positive to come out of this.  Just reminisce about all the good times you've had together, laughing is the best medicine my nana keeps telling me!!

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