feel so devastated

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    07/11/2016  19:05

    Hi Mrsdoyle. At first i didnt know what i qas doing...just git up and went to bed. Watever happened in between....happened! As steve did not access the hospice he was due to have an assessment the day he passed away!! I cudnt access any services. I go to a lovely place in luverpool called SUNFLOWERS amazing people. I work in the community as a palliative care i l8ve it i feel like im giving something back and can help others in simular situations..i still get up and go to bed but work in btw now. Hope you are getting through best as you can.. Jocelyn hope you doing ok?? Xxxx

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    I'm in Liverpool where is the sunflowers and what do they have on there .x

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    Aigburth road. Google it hun. They do councelling. Therapy sessions. Support. So many diff things. Really loving friendly people too Xxx

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    07/11/2016  19:49

    I'm in Liverpool where is the sunflowers and what do you do they have on there .x

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    07/11/2016  19:54

    I'll look it up now thanks. I tried councelling a few months after my john died but it felt as thouch someone had bashed me over the head when i came out , wasnt getting much help from thecouncillor just sat there and wanted me to talk . I thought a group session might be more helpful .x