Doctor criticised after saying cancer is ‘the best way to die’

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    11/06/2018  20:59

    what a muppet dr death should have seen what I have seen of cancer my dad passed 18 months ago he had dementia as well every few hours he'd forget he had it then having to be told again and again he at to go hospital for the old new clear treatment (gamma) they might as well have put that treatment in a bomb gif to the army so they could attempt to drop to  on some school miss and it hit there own troops  why me and my mum let him have that intrusive treatment ill never know any way I guess it has saved some so ill say no more .Id like to comment how in human GPs are with pain management they must want you to suffer because some body said they might become to need it and its  cost s  a lot ov money let them take paracetamol unless they've got cancer