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  • Dad terminal illness



    2 replies

    Hi my dad has multiple conditions but he has terminal bowel cancer which had spread to the liver and lower regions. It’s been six months and chemo on and off for two months and he is now down to 8 and half stone what ever he eats is doing nothing and tried build up drinks again no affect. The issue is I lost mum a long time ago. And dealt with it. My dad has been a a scan and what feels like a life time we are awaiting the outcome to see if it’s spread further. I dnt know how to feel the thought of it makes me feel sick of him not been here and not talking to him and the not knowing how long he has left. In currently doing the hospital runs but I have realised my other family will need to help when the time comes it’s all starting to feel overwhelming tontj fact I need to work to pay the bills my dads time left on earth and how I can do everything for him as he wishes x

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  • Support

    Hello Lmb10,


    We’re sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis and all that you are both dealing with.

    Supporting a loved one through a terminal illness can be challenging and there really is no right or wrong to way feel. You may find that your emotions fluctuate regularly and rapidly and it is understandable that you say you feel overwhelmed about what may be ahead. Information about how to cope with feelings that you may be experiencing as a carer can be found on our website here: .


    Here on our Support Line unfortunately we aren’t medically trained so as you have concerns about your father’s weight loss you may want to get in touch with a health care professional such as his GP or specialist nurse if you haven’t already done so.


    We do however feature some information on our website about weight loss and appetite including things you can try if the health care professionals feel it is appropriate. You can find the information at the following link:


    Hopefully others here on the community will be able to share their own ideas with you as well. For those reading this, please feel free to join in the conversation with any suggestions.


     Take care


     Claire – Marie Curie Support Line

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  • Stacey1985

    I am in a similar situation x hear to talk anytime

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