feel so devastated

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    07/03/2016  22:29

    You facebook hun? I will add you if you are. We have a connection due to our god awful circumstances. ....im ditzy jones on facebook xxxx

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    08/03/2016  06:50

    Ditzy I am on fb I am Jocelyn Marie Everest I found you and sent request I am a lot older than you I think but we are sisters in grief x

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    07/11/2016  08:47

    Hello ditzy  sorry about  your situation , it's a horrible place to be. I lost my partner of 31 years on  feb15  last year. He had a brain  tumour for 11 months but was doing well with meds until he went for his first dose of chemo . One week after chemo  he was in critical care ward with sepsis which led to the next worst 3 weeks of our lives . Still feel like I'm in a dream ,just joined the group yesterday to see if I can share my experience with others. I seem to be left with such physical pain afterwards I'm sure it is connected with the grief ,does anyone else suffer from physical symptoms after a bereavement. Hope your getting help to move you on with your grief xx

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    07/11/2016  17:05

    Hi I am suffering the same I am still heartbroken all the time x

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    07/11/2016  19:04

    Hi Mrsdoyle. At first i didnt know what i qas doing...just git up and went to bed. Watever happened in between....happened! As steve did not access the hospice he was due to have an assessment the day he passed away!! I cudnt access any services. I go to a lovely place in luverpool called SUNFLOWERS amazing people. I work in the community as a palliative care i l8ve it i feel like im giving something back and can help others in simular situations..i still get up and go to bed but work in btw now. Hope you are getting through best as you can.. Jocelyn hope you doing ok?? Xxxx