feel so devastated

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    07/03/2016  07:59

    We are devastated watching our beautiful father and husband fadin away so sorry for your loss it's such a cruel disease we are all heartbroken I feel your pain xx

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    07/03/2016  10:05

    Marielyn sending love and hugs to you and your family. Make the most of every minute. I know how difficult it can be caring and loving ur hubby with this cruel disease. .take care of yourself keep ur strength up xxxx

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    07/03/2016  12:54

    Thank you he is very ill now going in hospice x

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    07/03/2016  16:30

    Hi Marielyn. please keep in touch. I know we dont know each other but we know how eachother feels. Heartbreaking. ...take care of you and yours xxx

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    07/03/2016  17:24

    Yes let's do that I feel I know you it helps a little to speak with you x I shouldn't intrude at this terrible time for you I am so scared of how I will be when he goes I am terrible now can't stop crying thank you for your texts thinking of you x