feel so devastated

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    My wonderful and loving partner was diagnosed with Osephaghus cancerand mets on liver and spine 2 days before xmas. It seems so long ago now but its only 6 weeks....It was such a shock. We were told last week there was nothing more they can do . He wanted to come homs so he did on tuesday...he is deteriorating by the day and its breakinv me to watch. We have a great team around us and ge is getting the best care, I am so devastated I can hardly breathe. I am trying to keep strong for him and not crying infront or in ear shot of him. I just cant believe this has happened.

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    Hi Ditzy,

    I am so sorry to read of your partner's diagnosis. Receiving news that a loved one has a terminal illness can be devastating, and it's very normal for it to feel as if you are riding an emotional roller-coaster. It can be very hard to face the range of feelings that it brings up, though talking about them can help you to deal with them. Talking to others about how you're feeling - a friend, the Support Line, a counsellor or family- may help you deal with your emotions and the impact that this terrible shock is having on your life. We have lots of information here that may help you know what to expect: http://https://www.mariecurie.org.uk/help/being-there.

    If you would like to talk to us on the Support Line we are here Monday- Friday from 09:00am - 17:00pm T. 0800 090 2309


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    05/03/2016  14:03

    I have exactly the same situation as you x my husband has the same we were told 23 December too x I am heartbroken can't stop crying, he is getting worse every day, I feel so helpless x

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    06/03/2016  23:13

    Hi marielyn. Sorry I havent replied sooner. My beautiful man passed away on the 8th Feb. He passed away in my arms and something in me died that day. Life is so different now. It will never be the same for me now...im Brokenhearted. How is your husband? How are you coping hun?

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    06/03/2016  23:15

    You will cry and cry....I felt so helpless had all sorts of emothions....mainly anger why he got this awful disease at a young age. xx

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    07/03/2016  07:59

    We are devastated watching our beautiful father and husband fadin away so sorry for your loss it's such a cruel disease we are all heartbroken I feel your pain xx